Community Banking(*). Forget borders, moving money should be easier than traveling. All together, we outsmart the system.

(*) SMEx World is a project and has not yet been licensed with FINMA


EUR - Euro

Transfer to

CHF - Swiss Franc

You pay CHF
You get EUR

Fees you pay with:

Your Bank


about --- CHF



about --- CHF



up to --- CHF

Outsmart the system. Take control over your money and get the exchange rate you choose.

The Community Currency Marketplace allows you to exchange currencies efficiently, without a middle man. Outsmart the low SMEx exchange offered rates by creating an order and choosing your own exchange rate.

Empowering international businesses with efficient money flow. Smarter, transparently, and a lot more easily.

Cheaper than the banks
Smart community currency marketplace
Open API for building blocks

A Community Currency Marketplace

Members can exchange currencies instantly. Completely free if you create an offer to other members. Liquidity bots ensure execution for a very tight bid-ask spread.

The best deals gets to be matched!

Your IBANs in 30 currencies

Immediately open your dedicated accounts (IBANs) and enjoy instant payments within the network, request payments to your counterparts and spend anywhere with you debit card.

Swift Sepa


Debit Card

Send Payment

Request Payment


Find Peers

Immediately get your dedicated current account IBANs in 30
currencies and start collecting and transferring money worldwide.
Accounts are held in Switzerland (Zurich) but you’ll be offered local payment
capabilities for collection and transfers in foreign currencies.

The community currency marketplace allows you to buy and sell any
currencies with the blink of an eye. We offer liquidity for all
currencies at about 0.5% bid-ask spread. You can even make
money by offering currency exchange on the marketplace.

Manage physical and virtual cards for your company in one place
and receive real-time notifications of their activity. You set the limits
up to 100kUSD per day and personalize its location usage
Available in EUR, GBP and USD. Visa and MasterCards.

Make instant payments to other members in their currency. No need
for complex IBANs, just use email, phone number or select your
counterparts in the Directory.

Create invoices and request payments to your counterparts. Collect
Your money efficiently.

Generate and share codes for payments to beneficiaries whom you
don't know their details.

Member’s Directory let you find counterparts to pay or request payments easily.

Take SMEx in your wallet

Order a high limit debit card, use it to withdraw on demand conveniently, pay online and anywhere in the world ! Spend without fees and simplify your expense reports. Available in EUR, GBP and USD. Visa and MasterCards.

Like your bank but smarter


Collect payments from your customers


Exchange currency on the marketplace


Wire transfer money to your suppliers

Smart execution

Currencies and accounts are issued via Smart Contract on Blockchain for transparency, immutability and to give you back the control over your money. All accounts are dedicated and 100% reserve is maintained at all time.

We have developed our first lego brick on top of the smart contracts’ API: an intuitive e-banking platform built around the currency exchange marketplace, that is connected to the legacy Swift, ACH and SEPA systems. The API is open for anyone who wishes to offer competing or complementary services - compliance logic is embedded at the first layer.

Smart by design

the End User License Agreement (EULA) is also implemented in the form of a suite of smart contracts.

The Blockchain network ensure that all parties are respecting the agreements. Expert user may also want to look at the Blockchain history to retrieve his own informations.

Collaborate with your team

As a SME ourselves, we know that teamwork and organization is essential to be successful. We offer you the possibility to delegate functionalities to different members of your team with different administrative rights for employees, accountant, treasury manager and administrator.